Notes for Absolem Archibald Henry THOMPSON

U.S. Census: 1860 Smith County, TX - Canton Beat - page 5b #908-903

"East Texas Family Records" - Summer 1993 Vol. 17 #2 - Rusk County - Compa ny
"D", 14th Regiment, Texas Infantry. Muster roll of Robert F. Wyly C o. in
Clark's Regiment, Texas Volunteers, commanded by Edward Clark, call ed into
service of Confederate States from 15th March 1862 for 12 months.
Place if muster - Bellview, Rusk Co., TX
Officers: A. A. Thompson - 5th Sergeant age 38 yrs
J. T. Thompson - 3rd Corporal age 33 yrs
Privates: J. L. Blackwell - 27 years

Some sources, including discharge records for the Confederate States li st him
as Lt. Archibal H. Thompson. Henry has been suggested as an additio nal name,
but no proof has been offered as of this writing. His tombsto ne reads
Archibald H., his papers as cited above list A.A. and some oth er sources list
him as Absolem Archibald.
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Notes for Adelia Ann THOMPSON

Sources: LWT Henry B. Thompson Jr., Probate Court, Greene County, Alabam a,
File Number 1887, Book Y, pgs. 346-356, January 8, 1869

Note: Connie Meade , lists her middle name as Meliss a.
This is not reflected in her fathers will.
Louisiana Census: Lincoln Parish, Ward 4, Microfilm roll #1254456, dated J
une10, 1880, Page 18
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Notes for Adelia Jane "Chukmasi" THOMPSON

Sources: Abstracts of the Smith County Probate Records, Smith County, Tex as
1846-1880, abstracted by Andrew L. Leath, Cemetery records Asbury (Choc taw
Indian) Cemetery, Smith County, Texas; Adelia J. Thompson, et al., Min ors:
Sarah J. Thompson, mother, pet. as guar. 2/26/1876, Adelia J. Thomps on 6,
Robert L.L. (should read E.L.) Thompson, 4, heirs of father L.T. Tho mpson
dec'd. In report of 1879, Sarah J. Higginbothom, formerly Thompso n, states
that Adelia C. Thompson d. 8/25/1877. File 500, PMB: C-3/63. E/3 18, 329.
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Notes for Agnes THOMPSON

Sources: Kay Bauman  Interview, James Bauman, Inte
rviewer: Keith and Kay Bauman, Informant Address: Chickasha, Oklahoma, Dec
ember 1996 & October 29-31, 1999
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Notes for Alabama (Bamma) THOMPSON

May be same person as Alice L. Thompson listed as marrying Charles L. Blac
kmore in pickens County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory 3/19/1877
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Notes for Alexander THOMPSON

Source: LWT Alexander Thompson, Greene County, Alabama, provided by Dorot hy

State of Alabama, Greene County.
Will of Alexander Thompson
I, Alexander Thompson, who being at this time in a very low state of healt h,
but of sound memory, and ______ to mind the mortality of my body th at it is
appointed me for all to die, think proper to disposing my world ly matters as
First I would resign my soul my soul to God that gave it. My  _____, hous e?
at the discretion of my county?, and to my worldly estate that it has _
____before me which I dispose in  form as follows.
My Negro Peter I desire that my father and mother may have the servi ce of
during their lifetime. Then to be divide between my full brothers a nd
sisters, my ________I give to my brother, Daniel (Managhan) Thompson (h alf
brother by Flora McLean). Another horse named Bob, saddle and bridl e, I give
to my brother Isaac Thompson (half brother by Flora McLean). A y oung mare
colt I give to my brother John Arichyabal (Alexander) (sic)Thomp son (half
brother by Flora McLean) , and my old mare Sportsman I gi ve to my Father and
Mother (Flora McLean-Thompson his step-mother and Henr y's 3rd wife). My stock
of hogs consisting of sow pigs and barrons and sho ats, I give the use of to
my Father and Mother, and my stock of cattle I d esire to continue with my
Father and Mother having the use of the m, as my sisters should marry to have
their part given them so that they m ay have equal or like in division. When
two already married to have the ir part given them money. My white horse I
desire to be left to the u se of my Father and family. My crop of corn I
desire that my Father may ha ve, also fifty dollars I have lent to William
Lewis (brother-in-la w) to be equally divided between my sisters and William
Lewis (brother-in- law) to have his part in proportion w____them. Also fifty
dollars I le nt my Father to be equally divided between my brothers, Daniel
(Managha n) Thompson, Isaac (half brother by Flora McLean) and John Thompson.
I des ire that as I have three watches, my father to have one, taking choice,
t he other two to be divided between the boys that are named Daniel , Isaa c,
and John Thompson, and I desire that my just debts shall be paid. For w hich I
ordain and appoint my brother, John N. (Nicholas)Thompson (his fu ll brother)
and Daniel ________ my whole and sole executors for the same.
This is my last will and testament and the knowledge and signed in this 20 th
day of July 1824
Test: Alexander Thompson
Samuel Morrel__(?)___
Henry Thompson (father of Alexander)
State of Alabama
Orphans Court,
Special term, 22 February 1825
Personally came into open court Samuel M___ and Henry Thompson (fath er of
Alexander), the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will, w ho made an
oath that they saw Alexander Thompson sign, seal, and publish t he same to be
his last will and testament, and that they signed the sa me as subscribing
witnesses in the presence of the testator and in the pre sence of each other.
Sworn to in open court and ordered to be recorded 22 nd July 1825
                                            Edw. Herndon, clerk
The State of Alabama, Greene County, April 29, 1825
Inventory of the Estate of Alexander Thompson
1 Mare and colt
1 Filly, two year old
1 Bay horse
1 D___ 3 years
Fourteen head of hogs
I Negro named Peter
15 head of cattle
1 saddle and bridle
Lots of farming utensils consisting of Axes, hoes, plows and gear
1 rifle gun
2 Silver watches
Lot of Books consisting of testament and hymn book and others
Signed John N. Thompson

Sworn and subscribed in open court before me, 9th May, 1825
Edw. Herndon, Clerk

NOTE: In this will he does not mention any of his Choctaw half brothers, H
enry Jr., Archibald or William by his father Henry's second wife Margar et
McCoy. This seeming to indicate a racial divide between the legitama te white
Thompson children and the Choctaw-Chickasaw children of Margar et McCoy who
was married to Henry by Choctaw custom only.
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Notes for Alexander THOMPSON

He died on 25 Sep 1840 in Whiteside County, Illinois. He was buried in Kin
gsbury Cemetery, Newton Township, Whiteside County, Illinios. Alexander di ed
in Whiteside County and is buried there. He is the only Revolutionary W ar
soldier buried in Whiteside County.  On 13 Sep 1967, the Morrison Chapt er of
the DAR marked the grave of Alexander with the note "the only Revolu tionary
War Soldier buried in Whiteside County."

Alexander's tombstone is inscribed "Thompson, Alexander-Pvt. Clark's Re g, I,
Pa. Troops Rev. war d. Sept. 25, 1840 a83 year yrs."

Alexander served in the Revolution, enlisting as a private in August, 177 6.
He served two months at Amboy, in the "Jerseys" in Captain Alexander La
ughlin's Company (probably his uncle), Colonel William Clark's Regimen t. He
was honorably discharged at the end of that time, and then re-enlist ed in
December, 1776, serving again in the "Jerseys" and still with Cap t. Laughlin
(although now under Colonel Gurney of Philadelphia). The seco nd term was also
two months. In January, 1778, he joined for a third te rm under Captain Astor
and Colonel Buchanan. The third term was in Bucks C ounty, Pennsylvania. His
pension number is S32555 (PA) BLWT 31325-160-55 a nd he shows in the Illinois
Pension Census, Whiteside County, June 1, 184 0, age 82.

Alexander was one of the signers of the call extended by the Big Spring Pr
esbyterian Church to the Rev. Samuel Wilson on March 21, 1789. He was al so an
original subscriber to Wilson's salary (who was paid £150 per annu m) for the
amount of £1s10. He is shown as a member of Elder John Robinson 's district in
Big Springs Presbyterian listing of 1789, and in the 1790 l isting of
"Occupants of Pews" for Big Springs Presbyterian Church, both Al exander and
his brother Hugh are shown as occupants of pew #79.

In 1808 Alexander succeeded his brother Hugh, as elder of the district( s) of
Upper Mifflin and North Newton Township and remained in that positi on until
he left the area in 1839.

He lived on the farm on which he was born for eighty years. Then in M ay of
1839, he sold the farm to Cornelius Vanderbilt and he and his fami ly left the
Cumberland Valley, travelled west, and settled on new proper ty in Newton
Township, Whiteside County, Illinois (they stopped brief ly in Vermillion
County, Indiana, where he applied for his pension). Wi th him (he was 81 at
the time) were his wife Sarah, his sons Moses, Willi am and Hugh, and his
daughters Sarah and Margaret. According to Whitesi de County history,
Alexander bought part of the Stallnaker claim on Secti on 15, less than a mile
away from what is now Kingsbury Cemetery (the buy er of the other part of
Stallnaker's land was Samuel Miller, Alexander's s on-in-law). One of his
other sons, John Scroggs Thompson, also went to t he same area settling on a
farm of his own.

Accompanying the Thompsons on this move was Robert Blean and his wife Marg

In 1967 the DAR dedicated Alexander's grave as that of a Revolutionary W ar
soldier. An article and photograph covering the event was on the fro nt page
of the Whiteside Sentinel of Thursday, Sept. 14, 1967.

According to the book "Indictments of Cumberland County, PA 1750-180 0" by M.
L. Schaumann, Luke Chapman was indicted for falsely accusing Hu gh Thompson of
buggary in a series of events regarding his (Chapman's) ind enture to
Alexander Thompson. Testimony was given by Alexander and many ot hers. The
Carlisle Gazette of Sep, 1787, mentions someone recovering a ma re from the
plantation of Alexander Thompson. So he was landed at that tim e.
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Notes for Alexander THOMPSON

Per Chuck Thompson 
The O'Donnell book shows that Alexander was married to Susan Wilson in 18 51
and even though 57 old at that date there is no indicated previous marr iage.
In the 1860 census he was shown to be 66 years old and living with S usan,
aged 60. There is no indication of any children.
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Notes for Alexander THOMPSON

Records of the Big Springs Pres Church in Newville (LDS Microfilm 102854 1)
show this Alexander being baptized on July 30, 1836. This is the only o ne of
our Thompsons who shows up in that church's records as having a bapt ismal
date. Since these records date from 1831, what happened to the other s, e.g.
Rachel Thompson, et. al? He died on 5 Mar 1922.(435) After showi ng up in the
1840 census, Alexander does not appear in 1850 census for th is family,
although he would have been only 14 at the time. The book "Hist ory of
Whiteside County, Ilinois" says (in 1877) that this Alexander is "n ow in
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Notes for Alexander Newton THOMPSON

While the LDS IGI shows Alexander having been born in 1808, the 1840 cens us
says he is between 20 and 30 years old. He died on 19 Oct 1845 in Portl and
Township, Whiteside County, Illinois.  Alexander died in state and h is
administration papers are on microfilm in the Whiteside County, courtho use.
They contain no family information, and mostly include receipts and b ills of
the estate business. His wife, Mary, declined to administer the es tate and
requested that Joseph Miller (her brother-in-law) be appointed. T here was no
indication that Alexander owned land when he died.

He was buried in Kingsbury Cemetery, Newton Township, Whiteside County. Th ere
is a broken grave marker in the Kingsbury cemetery next to Alexander a nd
Sarah for this Alexander. It has "ALEXANDER ." on it just above the bre ak.
Stewart is speculating that the break is along the line that inscrib es
"THOMPSON" in smaller letters. The cemetery records show and "Alexand er R."
but there is no "R" between "Alexander" and the period. The cemete ry records
also show a death date of Oct 1815, but on Alexander's marker t he "4" of
"1840" looks a lot like a "1". Therefore we're guessing that t he date on the
headstone is really "d. Oct 1845, 37 years" which would f it with what we
already know.
Alexander and Mary Blean moved from the Newville area to Smicksburg, in In
diana county, sometime between 1833 (when they were married in Newville) a nd
1836 (when Robert Blean was born in Smicksburg). The move most probab ly
occurred in 1835, since records show that Alexander was removed from t he Big
Spring Presbyterian Church at that time. The 1840 census shows Alex ander N.
Thompson in Indiana county and lists the following: 2 males le ss than 5 yrs
old (Robert and Moses); 1 male (Alex S.) between 5 and 1 0; 1 male between 15
and 20(don't know who this is); 1 male between 30 a nd 40(Alex Sr); 1 female
less than 5(Mary Craig); 1 female between 30 a nd 40(Mary). It also shows two
people as being engaged in "manufacturing a nd trades" and no one as a farmer.
The person between 15 and 20, who wou ld have been the other person "engaged
in manufacturing and trades" mig ht have been a relative who moved with them.

Then sometime between 1840 (when the census shows them in Smicksburg) a nd
1842 (when little Mary died in Illinois) Alexander and Mary mov ed to a new
farm in Illinois. Ethelred Thompson writes in 10/1946 to Muell er that
"..Alexander and Mary Blean moved to Illinois when their first chi ld was ten
or twelve years old..." If Alexander S. was born in 1834, th is would mean
about 1845, but they probably moved a few years earlier. S he also wrote that
little Mary "died in 1842" and " Illinois", so th ey must have moved
there prior to 1842.

In making this move and returning to farming, they rejoined Alexander's fa
ther (Alexander Sr.), as well as some of his brothers and friends, who h ad
relocated there a few years before them. The new farm was in Whitesi de County
"..near Rockford" to use Ethelred's language. Whiteside Count y, and Newton
Township are not exactly next door to Rockford, being some f ifty or so miles
away, but it was the largest city around at the time.

The book "History of Whiteside County" says that Alexander made a claim, n ot
in Newton Townpshi as did his father and brothers, but in Portland Toww nship
where he farmed and died. This mention of Alexander is in the Newt on Township
section, primarily because he is one of Alexander Sr.'s son s. No mention is
made of him in the Portland Township.

The LDS IGI shows that all of Alexander and Mary's children were born in N
ewville, PA, but we know that to be incorrect for at least one case whi ch we
can substantiate directly. Robert Blean says in his own notes th at "I was
born in Smicksburg, Indiana County..." Therefore the IGI mu st be incorrect
for all the others, except possibly Alexander S. Bas ed on what we know about
the moves to Indiana County, PA and then IL, Mos es Scroggs and Mary Craig
were probably born in Smicksburg, while John Car ruthers and Joseph Miller
would have been born on/near the farm in Illinoi s.

In 1845, just a few years after they arrived in Illinois, Alexander died l
eaving Mary with the farm and the childred. She continued on for a bit, b ut
eventually returned to her own family back in Cumberland County, PA.
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Notes for Alexander Scroggs THOMPSON

Alexander was transported to Newville from Worthington, Pennsylvania, a nd is
buried beside his wife's father in the Newville cemetery on the we st side of
town. Alexander graduated from Jefferson College in 1864 and w as installed
pastor of Worthington and Slade Run Churches, Armstrong Count y, Pennsylvania
Nov 20, 1867
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Notes for Alexander Scroggs THOMPSON

He has an LDS reference number L6H5-B0. Alexander moved in 1853 with his p
arents to Henderson County, Illinois where he was married to Rachel Freetl ey
McMillan. She was the daughter of James McMillan & Mary Thompson. She w as
born in Henderson County, Illinois. In 1879 the moved to Rice County, K ansas,
near Lyons; in 1893 they moved again to Minneapolis, Minnesota, a nd in 1895
they moved to Wichita, Kansas. Alexander owned a general sto re in Lyons,
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Notes for Allie Mae THOMPSON

Allie Mae Thompson was born August 22, 1901 in Henderson, Texas to Louis C
emore Thompson and Lillian Josie Odom. She married Sam Houston Smith, al so
born in Henderson, January 2, 1921, in Mangum, Oklahoma.

     The following biographical information was provided by Charles H. Smi th:

      Sam Houston (Pat) Smith was born December 26, 1901 in Henderson, Tex as
and moved to Oklahoma with his parents when he was about 7. His fathe r, a
farmer, died when Houston was about 10. He dropped out of school in t he 4th
grade to assist his family on the farm. The Smiths rented a farm ne ar
Brinkman, Oklahoma. The family moved to Mangum when Houston was abo ut 18
years old and bought two homes on N. Dakota Street in Mangum. They w ere about
a block and a half apart. Patsy Virginia Smith Cox was born in t he one that
was South of the final home place. This house has since been d emolished. The
original home was torn down and a new home was built whi ch they occupied
during Addie Smith's lifetime.

      When Houston was a baby, he was called "Fatty" by his family. (A ll of
the Smith kids had nicknames.) He used to say that a tongue-tied per son he
knew tried to call him Fatty and ended up calling him Pat. Mo st of his
associates called him, Pat, while his family continued to call h im Fatty.

      At some point in time, he acquired a team of matched mules and beca me a
freight hauler. He did some work in the oil fields at Burkburnet, Tex as, then
came back to Mangum to do local work. He worked on a grader for G reer County
for awhile and then became employed by the Mangum Light Plan t, an electric
generating plant, owned and operated by the City of Mangum.

      He was a shift operator when Charles was born in a house locat ed on the
light plant property. They lived there until about 1937 when th ey moved to a
house near the railroad on the East side of town. Later th ey moved to a
rented home on North Carolina street.

      Houston was made Superintendent for the Light Plant in the 1940's a nd
continued in this position until he retired. He was highly regard ed by his
peers and his employees.

      His personal hobbies were fishing and gardening and he excelled in b oth

      He died of a stroke at the age of 79.

      Allie Mae Thompson was born August 22, 1901, to Louis Cemore Thomps on
and Lillian Josie Odom. She grew up on farms and worked both in the fie lds
and in the barn and the house. She dropped out of school in the eig ht grade
to work full-time on the farm. She always felt a little embarrass ed that she
was not able to finish high school. Her younger sisters, Minn ie and Nettie
were able to graduate along with her brother Douglas.

      Allie Mae and Houston went to the same school at Brinkman, Oklaho ma and
walked to and from school together. She used to eat from his dinn er bucket
because the Smith's food was better than the Thompsons - the Smi th's had more
money. At the time, the Smiths lived on a farm West of Brink man, Oklahoma on
a farm they rented from Roy Doyle's father. The Smiths mo ved to Mangum when
Allie Mae was 18. The Thompson family later moved to t he North Side of

      Allie Mae was a good home keeper. Up until the 1940's, we always h ad a
cow, and she had to milk the cow morning and evening. We had chicke ns for
eggs and each year bought a new batch of chicks to raise as fryer s. When I
was in high school, she used to fry a chicken every day for lunc h.

      Alllie Mae was the best cook I have ever known. She had a special ta
lent for seasoning food, and she was never afraid to try something new.

      Numerous times in her life, she would go to the cotton fields to pu ll
cotton to earn extra money. She continued this into her 60's.

      Allie Mae was a consistent church member and always attended every s
ervice when she was physically able to do so. She was a member of the Chur ch
of Christ.

      After Houston died, she continued to live at 408 N. Louis Tittle unt il
she was almost 90, when she sold the house and moved to a Senior Citiz en
development adjacent to the railroad terminal where she first came to M angum
via the train. During the last few years of her life, she liv ed in El Paso,
Texas near her daughter, Patsy Cox. She died of a massive s troke at the age
of 92.
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Notes for Alsey Ann THOMPSON

Buried: Asbury Cemetery, between Arp & Overton in Smith County, Texas und er
the name Alsia Nelson
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Notes for Alsy THOMPSON

Alsy was 5/8 Choctaw-Chickasaw Indian. No records of children. Deceased be fore
her father as listed in LWT. May have died in Alabama but very like ly that
she died at Mount Tabor in Rusk County, Texas near other relative s. No
information on whether her husband was alive at the time her fathe rs will was
Sources:LWT Henry B. Thompson Jr., Probate Court, Greene County, Alabam a,
File Number 1887, Book Y, pgs. 346-356, January 8, 1869
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Notes for Althia A. THOMPSON

Althia Thompson, 1908 appeal affidavit, Muskogee, Creek Nation, Indian Ter
ritory, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Muskogee, Oklahoma
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