Notes for Thomas Hewlings STOCKTON

Chaplain to the United States Congress
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Notes for Thomas Milburn STOCKTON

Source: Wayne Stockton 

Note: Most likely he was the grandson of Clayton Morgan Stockton. He had a
number descendants that came to Texas and Oklahoma. Without more information,
I cannot determine which son or grandson Thomas' line goes through. JCT 3/19/04
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Notes for Thomas Patton STOCKTON

Sources: Pam Jeglinski ; Lloyd Cunningham, Cunningh am
in/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:2226732&id=I04 26

Thomas was the only son of Clayton who did not settle in Missouri. He w as
still living in Meigs Co, TN in 1840. He was in Rusk Co, TX in 1850, a nd in
Smith Co, TX in 1855. There he was arrested for the murder of Zachar iah
Harrell and arrainged on 23 Oct 1855. He was committed to custody foll owing
the Grand Jury's return of a true bill, then released on bond the ne xt day.
On the 26th he pled "not guilty". The court ordered that a ju ry be selected
and set trail for the following Monday. On 2 Jun 1856 the j ury found him "not
guilty". One of those posting bail for him in Texas w as Giles S. Boggess,
probably a relative of his wife Martha. She was nam ed in a codicil to her
father's will dated 18 Nov 1882 as Martha Emeline S tockton, deceased.

He returned to Tennessee, living in McMinn county in 1860. He served in t he
Civil War in the 1st Tennessee Calvary, and fought at Chickamauga and T unnell
Hill, GA. He was part of the retreat from Dalton to Atlanta as pa rt of
Ashby's Bridgade. He was living in Boone Co, AK in 1870, before appa rently
returning to Texas.
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Notes for William Carroll STOCKTON

William Carroll served in the Union army during the Civil War
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Notes for William Elliott STOCKTON

Source: Darla Tooley , pollard database

The following is taken from a letter given to my mother in 1964 from Lu lu
Viola Stockton Robertson:

"Now about the Cantrells.I am sure that name on the papers was I.M. as mot
her's (Frances Elizabeth Cantrell) brother Isaac Marion, his wife is Velm a,
who lived in Ozark Co. near mother & Dad. In fact they all homestead ed there
in about 1886 or 1887. I remember hearing mother tell about Pea rl was born
there (at our old home place not far from Longrun) in 188 8, I don't think
they had been there more than a year or so when she was b orn.

Ollie Alta & R. E. were born in this part of the state before they we nt to
Ozark Co. The old home where dad ( William Elliott) was born & liv ed until he
was 17, is not far from me here, 3 or 4 miles. It is in Polk c o. and they
Shady Grove Cemetery where his dad is buried is not far from t here.

I have meant to look for grandads grave, and will try to do so soon.

I think mother's mother's name was Martha Susan. I remember her so well. S he
lived with mother and died when I was nine years old. She was a jolly p erson
I remember so well, but I can't recall ever hearing much or anythi ng about
her husband.

He died during a war and grandmother raised the three children, my mothe r,
Isaac Marion and Bill or William. He is buried at or near Jerico abo ut 20
miles west of Here and far as I know his widow is still living in Je rico. I
visited her a few years ago. She was much younger than Uncle Bil l, perhaps 30
years. I should go see her. One of the daughters lives wi th her or did.

Isaac Marion left Ozark Co., when I was very small, and in the later yea rs
moved to Oklahoma; struck it rich in oil. I never hear from any of h is family
for 18 years.

Now grandmother Cantrell was buried at Ditt and has a stone. My mother p ut it
up. I'll try to get dates off it as Olis, my oldest daughter lives a bout 2-3
miles from there, but I haven't been to that cemetery for sever al years,
perhaps 20.

Ollie, my sister, might help me out a little on some of this. If her memo ry
hasn't failled her too bad. She isn't a bit well, but Ollie's memo ry is very
poor since she has had several light strokes. I am terriby wh en it comes to
remembering. I once had a wonderful memory but that d ay is gone.

I keep wondering how come R.E. has those papers, warranty deed. It m ay be
that land R.E. owned. It had sometime been owned by Uncle Mario n. I never
knew, but do know it joined uncles home place on the north. N ow I'll see if I
can find out anything & write you later. Next ti me I am at Carols, i'll go to
the cemetery and see if I can find granddad 's grave.

Yes, grandmother Cantrell was SEARS before marriage. I remember that. S he
lived around Golden City and that isn't too far SW of where I lived n ow
(which is Fairplay, Mo.) Dad and mother were married there and had t he 3
oldest children some where near there.

When I was 12 years old, mother dad and I visited unlce Bill Cantrell & fa
mily near Golden city, (mother had not seen him for 20 or 30 years.) I for get
the exact now and on the train going out there she showed me a litt le house
near the RR where R.E. was born. (Oh those memories)

My sister Pearl was 75 last July and Ollie & Allie also R.E. were older th an
Pearl, then when Pearl was 12, I came along and I am not young anymor e. Alta
said this winter it seems we are all near the end of our life's jo urney.

I feel the Lord has wonderfully blessed the Stockton family and gave us a ll a
good long life. I am so grateful to HIM. Praise his holy name. The St ocktons
have about all lived to a long life.

I hope and pray the best of everything for you in raising your family a nd God

Oh yes, Alta wrote ma some months back that Virginia, Bob's girl, her n ew
husband has a boy, which you probably know. Hope you can find time to w rite
again. I'd love for you to write Alta for H am very uneasy about he r. She has
always appreciated Virginia visiting her when she was in Missou ri. She wrote
Alta about the boy.

My dad (William Elliott) was great to visit his relatives and that is typi cal
of the Stocktons, so I am a died in the wool STOCKTON.

I'd hope I might see you some time but since my health has let me dow n, I am
afraid I won;t be doing a lot of visiting, long trips at least. Ev erything
tires me out so easily.

I flew to Phoenix in Jun 1962 and was so glad I got to visit Pearl then.
Bye for now
lots of love
Aunt Lulu
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Notes for Mary Caroline STOCKWELL

Name from Wanda B. Radford, 
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Notes for Agnes STONE

Source: Ancestral File #: 1CSZ-3R The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d ay
Saints,  July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996.

 "A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts" by An
drew N. Adams, 1898
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Notes for Bridget STONE

Pedigree Chart FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19

Note: Some sources state she died in Northampton County, Virginia
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Notes for John STONE

Pedigree Chart FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19
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Notes for John STONE

Source: Ancestral File #: 9P2W-FW The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d ay
Saints, July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996
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