Notes for Bland Tobin June SMALLIE

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Notes for Daniel SMALLIE

Source: Bev @@ 

[1871 Census - Digby, Digby, Nova Scotia, pg 15, #120]
SMALLIE, DANIEL     48   NS   Wes Meth  English   Mariner
               Eliza     43   "    "              "
               Robert    16   "    "              "         Carpenter
               Calvin    14   "    "              "
               Luther    14   "    "              "
               Bland     12   "    "              "
               Edwin     10   "    "              "
               Charles    7   "    "              "
               Helena     4   "    "              "
               Sarah     87   "    Ch of Eng "         Widow

[1881 Census - Digby, Digby Nova Scotia, District 15, Sub-district C 2, Pg 12,
House 59, Family 69]
SMALLIE, DANIEL     61   NS   Ch of Eng English   Master Mariner
               Eliza     58   "    "              "
               Edwin     20   "    "              "
               Charles   16   "    "              "         Attending Scho ol
               Helena    12   "    "              "         "
               Ross  9   "    "              "         "
[1901 Census - Digby Town, Digby District, Nova Scotia Canada;  Film #: T-
6449, Division #: 1, Page #: 2, Family #: 18]
name - birth date - birth place - entry # - relationship
Smalley, Ross       Aug 28 18-?    Nova Scotia         36   head
Smalley, Delia      Dec 11 1874    New Brunswick  37   wife
Smalley, Hellen          Apr 28 1900    Nova Scotia         38   daughter
SMALLEY, DANIEL     Apr 23 1823    Nova Scotia         39   father

[Digby Weekly Courier - August 8, 1890]
     Capt. DANIEL SMALLIE, of Digby, is probably the oldest coasting capta in
at present running to St. John, says the Globe.  He is in command of t he
schooner Sovereign, and makes weekly trips between there and Digb y.  He has
completed his seventieth year and for fifty years he has comman ded schooners
running to St. John.

[Digby Weekly Courier - February 28, 1913]
     Capt. DANIEL SMALLIE died at his home at the Racquette at 5 o'clo ck on
Tuesday afternoon, having been ill for 3 days.  The deceased was bo rn in
Digby April 3, 1823 and had therefore nearly reached his 90th birthd ay.  He
had always been in excellent health and his faculties were go od up to the
end.  Capt. Smallie was a long time master mariner. Nearly o ne half-century
ago he sailed the schr. Argo in the Digby-Boston trade, b ut his principle
trips were made across the Bay of Fundy between Digby a nd Saint John where
for years he carried the mails, passengers, live catt le and all the freight
between the two ports in a small sailing vessel.  W hen the steamers were
first placed on the bay route they did not have suff icient power to enter
Digby Gut against the tide.  They therefore had to l and their passengers at
Port Prim (those who preferred to walk 5 miles) a nd remain outside until the
tide slackened or turned. Capt. Smallie retir ed from the sea 20 years ago. 
His last vessel being the schr. Sovereign r unning freight across the Bay for
the firm of Letterney 7 Bros. 7 other s.  He lived under 5 British sovereigns
and distinctly remembered the crow ning of Queen Victoria and the celebration
that took place in Digby at t he time.

Capt. Smallie married Eliza Jane, daughter of Ross Fanning.  Mrs. Small ie
died in Jan., 15 years ago.  They had a family of 11 but only 7 are sti ll
living, James, New York; Robert, Worcester, MA; Calvin, Beverly, MA; Bl and,
Missouri; Edward, Indian territory; Charles, New London, CT; and Ros s, at
home.  The deceased was a regular attendant of Grace Meth. Church, a lthough
not a member, took a deep interest in anything that was for the mo ral
improvement of the community and was highly respected by all who kn ew him and
his circle of acquaintances was a large one.  In politics he w as Liberal and
a great reader.  Funeral took place from his late residen ce in the Racquette
at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  With interment in the Me thodist Cemetery.  The
service was conducted by the pastor of the Digby Me thodist Church, Rev. L.
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Notes for Daniel James SMALLIE

Note: Residence New York State 1913
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Notes for Helena Alberta Louisa SMALLIE

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[Digby Weekly Courier - Friday, October 18, 1901]
     Sons of Temperance - Mr. Lemuel Woodman, Mrs. May A. Nichols, Mrs. HE
LENA BELL, Miss Susie P. Aymar, Mrs. Lillie Marshall and Mr. Harry Marsha ll
became members of Hope Division, No. 154, Acaciaville, last Tuesday eve ning. 
The question for discussion was opened and then deferred for wa nt of time,
till next Tuesday evening.  A public meeting will be held in t he school
building near Baptist church, Hill Grove, on Tuesday evening nex t, at seven
o'clock, for making arrangements to erect a public hall in th at vicinity. 
All are cordially invited.

[Digby Weekly Courier - October 17, 1902]
     Deaths - Bell - At Digby on the 12th last, Mrs. HELENA A. L. BELL, ag ed
35 years.

[Digby Weekly Courier - October 1902]
     Card of Thanks - Mr. and Mrs. Ross Smallie wish to thank through t he
columns of the Courier all those who assisted during the illness, and e
xpressed their sympathy at the death of the former's sister, the late Mr s.
LENA BELL, whose death was reported in our last issue.
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Notes for Ira Petro SMALLIE

[1881 Census - Digby, Digby, Nova Scotia, pg 3]
name - age - born - religion - origin - profession
SMALLIE, CALVIN     24   Nova Scotia    Methodist English   Store Clerk
               Mary 28   "              "              "
               Charles    2   "              "              "
               Frith     9/12 "              "              " b.June

[1900 Census - MA, Essex Co, Salem, 33 Essex Court, House 94, Family 151]
name - relationship - birthdate - age - married, single or widowed - n o. of
children - no. of children living - birthplace - father's birthpla ce -
mother's birthplace - immigration - years in US - occupation
SMALLEY, CALVIN          Head Jul 1856       43   M  23          Can  C an Can
1884 16   Clerk
                    Mary W.   Wife Oct  1854 45   M  23   4  2   Can  C an Can
                    Charles H.     Son       Nov 1878  21   S         C an Can 
Can                William F.     Son       Jun 1880  19   S Can C an Can
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Notes for Julia Keddie Lydia SMALLIE

From: Lisa Evans, 
Note: Granny just turned 99 this year (2003) and she still lives by herse lf
and does her own cooking and cleaning. She's the only one of her siblin gs
living, and has lost Grandpa and my Mother's twin brother. Her and Gran dpa
had 5 children, 15 grandchildren, numerous great-grandchildren, and o ne
great-great grandbaby and another one on the way (my Grandbaby!)! Grann y's
sweet smile fills you with love and her little chuckle makes you laugh .
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Notes for Ross Currie Carr SMALLIE

Source: Bev @@ 

[Digby Weekly Courier - October 14, 1898]
     A quiet wedding took place yesterday afternoon at one o'clock at t he
residence of Capt. George Post, Lighthouse Road when Rev. W. H. Evans u nited
in marriage Mr. ROSS C. SMALLIE of the London House Digby and Miss D ella
Irene Killele, a step daughter of Capt. George Post.  Mr. Arthur Turn bull of
the firm Turnbull & Welch acted as groomsman and Miss Jennie Po st as
bridesmaid.  The bride was dressed in a beautiful dark green travell ing suit
with fawn coat & hat to match and the bridesmaid was dressed in g rey trimmed
with turquoise blue.  The happy couple left by SS Ruperton a t rip to NB
accompanied by the best wishes of a host of friends.

[Digby Weekly Courier - Friday, July 2, 1915]
     WEDDING BELLS IN DIGBY - Smallie-Campbell - Flags were flying at t he
north end Wednesday, and the Methodist church, the interior of which h ad been
especially decorated, was filled with people to witness the marria ge of Mr.
ROSS C. SMALLIE and Miss Carrie Maude, daughter of Mrs. Laven ia Campbell. 
The bride, who was pretily dressed in a travelling suit of b lue silk poplin,
with hat to match, entered the church on the arm of her b rother, Mr. W. A.
Campbell, who gave her away.  The ring service was use d, the ceremony being
performed by Rev. Robert McArthur, pastor of the chu rch.  The wedding march
was nicely rendered by Miss Jessie Cossaboom, orga nist.  The bridal party was
conveyed to the home of the bride for luncheo n, after which they left for
Yarmouth via Mr. Guy Dunn's auto en route v ia H. & S. W. R., along the south
shore, their stops including Chester a nd Halifax, returning to Digby via the
D. A. R., where they will resi de at the house of the groom at the Racquette.
     The presents were many, including a china gift from the Methodist Sun day
School, of which the groom is superintendent, and a silver plate fr om the
Methodist choir, of which the bride is a highly valued member. T he ushers
were Messrs. A. R. Turnbull and Ralph Warrington.
     Mr. and Mrs. Smallie were accompanied as far as Yarmouth by Mr s. N. S.
Calkin, of New Hampshire, and Miss Alberta Stark, of St. John, si ster and
cousin of the bride.
     The happy couple have a host of friends in Digby and elsewhere who wi ll
join the Courier in extending best wishes for a long, happy and prosper ous
wedded career.

[Digby Weekly Courier - Friday, July 16, 1915]
     PERSONAL MENTION - Mr. and Mrs. ROSS C. SMALLIE arrived here yesterd ay
from their trip through the province.  Mrs. Smallie will be at ho me to her
friends next Thursday afternoon and evening, July 22nd.

[Digby Weekly Courier - Friday, December 4, 1925]
     LOCAL AND PERSONAL NEWS - The condition of ROSS C. SMALLIE, who a f ew
days ago was in a very critical condition as the result of the explosi on of
an oil stove which had been accidently overturned by some childre n, shows
signs of improvement, but it will be some time before he wi ll be able to
attend to his business.  Mr. Smallie had inhaled the fum es of the burning oil
when the explosion occurred, just as he was abo ut to throw the stove out of
the shop to prevent what he thought might res ult in a conflagration.  The
victim of the accident, though everything med ically possible is being done
for him is still suffering great pain, and h is lungs are badly affected by
the poisonous fumes from the burning oi l.  The distressing incident occurred
shortly after Smallie had lighted t he burner for the pupose of heating the
shop, as the day was rather a co ld one.  There were several children in the
shop at the time, and not noti cing the small stove they managed to kick it
over as they were moving abou t.

[Digby Weekly Courier - Friday, August 26, 1927]
     Mr. ROSS C. SMALLIE and Mrs. Smallie have as their guests Mr. Smallie s'
brothers and their families who are spending a week or more renewing ac
quaintances in Digby.  Mr. Charles Smallie is accompanied by his wife a nd
daughters, Dorothy and Mrs. Raymond Prescott and her husband, the who le party
coming from New London, CT.  Mr Smallie has not been in Digby f or upwards 30
yrs. and so naturally finds many changes, some for the bett er particularly
the hydro service.  He is enjoying himself as would on ly be possible in his
boyhood home.  Another brother Mr. Calvin Small ie of Beverly, MA and his lady
are also visiting the Smallie home, dividi ng their time between Digby and
Marshalltown where they are guests of M r. Jacob Trask.  Miss Helen Smallie
has also been visiting her parents a nd assisting in the family reunion and
leaves on Monday to resume her duti es at the Office Inspector of Steamboats,
Saint John, N.B.

[Digby Weekly Courier - June 1944]
     ROSS C. SMALLIE - The funeral of Ross C. Smallie, whose death occurr ed
at Saint John early Friday morning took place Monday afternoon from t he
residence of T. S. Matheson, the service being conducted by Re v. T. W.
Hodgson, of Grace United Church.  A service was conducted at Sai nt John on
Sunday evening.
     The late Mr. Smallie was born at Digby, a son of the late Captain a nd
Mrs. Daniel Smallie, and for many years conducted a grocery business he re. 
For the past six years he has made his home in Saint John with his da ughter,
Miss Helen Smallie, and at the time of his death was assistant nig ht watchman
of the Eastern Textile Products Ltd., of that city, and was fa tally stricken
while at work.
     He was a member of the Centenary - Queen Square United Church in th at
city, and took an active part in Y. M. C. A. service work.
     Besides his daughter he is survived by two brothers, Robert S., of Wo
rcester, Mass., and Charles M., of New London, Conn.
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Notes for Sabria Olivia Xenia SMALLIE

From: Lisa Evans, 
http:  %2F%2Fawt%2Eancestry%2Ecom%2Fcgi%2Dbin%2Figm%2Ecgi%3Fdb%3Dfamilytie
s%26id% 3DI32706%26op%3DGET%26ti%3D%26track%3D

Aunt Sabie, I say aunt-she was she was a sister to my Granny, liv ed to be
100, I was at her 100th Birthday party held at the nursing ho me in McAlester,
Pittsburg Co, OK where she was staying. Aunt Sabie alwa ys had a big smile and
I loved to hear her laugh! She was something specia l.
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Notes for William Robert Stephens SMALLIE

[1881 Census - Digby, Digby, Nova Scotia, pg 12, #71]
SMALLIE, ROBERT     28   Nova Scotia    Meth Ch of Can English   Carpenter
               Evelina   26   "              "                   "
               Lizzie    5    "              "
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Notes for John SMALLPIECE

d=I20 6
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Notes for Benjamin Franklin SMALLWOOD

CHIEF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SMALLWOOD, Chief of the Choctaw Nation 1888-1890
Son of William Smallwood and grandson of Elijah, a white man from South Ca
rolina who went to Mississippi and married Mary LeFlore, sister of Thom as
LeFlore. William was a student at Choctaw Academy. The family settl ed in
Kiamichi County. Ben, born 1829, attended Spencer Academy married An nie
Burney, a Chickasaw Indian. He later married Abbie James. He was a mer chant
and cattleman. Member of the Choctaw Council, served in the Civil Wa r, and a
delegate to Washington. He retired to a farm and died Dec. 15, 18 91 at Lehigh.
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Notes for Siani 'Missy' SMALLWOOD

Question proposed by A. Banister. Was Siani the mother of Isaac LeFlore J r.
who was raised by her sister Mary and brother in law John McKee? Most i
nformation states his father was unknown, yet his name ends with JR. indic
ating his father was a Isaac LeFlore Sr. In reviewing the information myse lf,
it too seems plausible, yet without death information on Siani, I wou ld not
want to speculate further. My initial thought was that she had di ed as a
child, yet there is a reference in her mothers will. Isaac is al so listed as
illigitamate on some records as a step son of John McKee on o thers. However,
without more data, I am not going to include this in the d atabase, but only
this note and a short reference to look at this no te in the Isaac LeFlore Jr.
page. JCT 2/12/04
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Notes for William M. SMALLWOOD

Source: Billy Cates Family Tree database,
/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:1718164&id=I41 1
William M. Smallwood ,born 1816 in Miss.1/4 Choctaw Indian blood.Choctaw N
ation,Choctaw Roll field #1562. His father was Elisha Smallwood,His moth er
Mary --- (Smallwood) He died in Jan.1902 and is buried in the private S
mallwood\Mckee Cemetery (about 75 feet in front of the house) about 6 mil es
north,2 miles west 1\4 mile south of Soper,Okla.Choctaw Co.He married N
arcissa Bearfied 1\4 choctaw #4396. The 1900 census indicates she had 6 ch
ildren, 2 living in 1900.Rebecca married a white man,name of Frank Murre y,
Mary A. married John David McKee. Siani known as missy (name taken fr om
Narcissa Smallwood's will. Her father was Miles Bearfield,Her mother w as
Sophia ----? She is also buried in the Smallwood\McKee Cemetery.
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