Notes for Elizabeth "Betty" OXBERRY

Sometime after the birth of their son Cyrus, born in 1817, she left John H
arrison. When he tried to join her and her family later in Indian Territor y,
she changed her name to Betty Harris, to deny his relationship.
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Notes for Elizabeth OXENDINE

9/7/03 e-mail
Mr. Thompson:
I'm researching Jackson families of Jackson County, Tennessee, specifical ly
Andrew, William and Samuel shown within the 1820 census (freemen of col or) of
said county.  I have proof that Andrew and William were brothers th rough
deposition by one of William's grandsons where he was making applica tion to
the Cherokee Nation of ancestry.  These two grandsons Robert and A ndrew
(brothers) were children of Wm. Zophus, son of William and Elizabe th
Oxendine.  Wm. Zophus married Louisa Jackson, his 1st cousin who was d au of
Andrew.  This marriage was brought out within the deposition.  The e rror of
our T. J. being the son of William began with a Thomas age 22 bei ng listed
within the household of Enoch Jackson, son of William.  Even tho ugh the ages
of both named Thomas-the Thomas in Enoch's household bei ng 22 in 1850 and my
T. J. being 24, and even though my T. J. had migrat ed from JacksonCo., TN by
1844-1845, some felt my T. J.may have been visit ing within the household.

From Bible Records containing the family of William written by his son W m.
Zophus there is no mention of a Thomas.  Although, the Bible Records co
ntaining the family Andrew written by Louisa, dau of Andrew and wife of W m.
Zophus, there is a Thomas listed who "dide in White Plains" (White Plai ns
being located in Putnam County, TN).  My T. J. died in 1910 in Hardem an

For years, my Thomas Jefferson Jackson of Hardeman County,TN who married M
artha "Patsy" Allen in Jackson County, Tennessee has been listed by ma ny as
the son of William even through "T. J." was in Hardeman County by 18 45-1846
being about age 18 (June 1826) with wife and small infan t.  It is believed
that T.J. was living within the household of his fathe r, Jonathan in 1840 as
Jonathan was shown on the 1845 tax roll wi th T. J. being shown in 1848. 
Jonathan is the son of Andrew and is sho wn within the 1830 and 1840 census of
Jackson County, TN.

Not only am I extremely interested in contacting your source as to childr en
of your Elizabeth Oxendine and William Jackson, but also additional inf
ormation on your Oxendine family.  My grandfather had always to ld me to be
proud of my Native American Heritage.  Do you know the orig in of the Oxendine
name.  I'm sorta familiar with the Cheraw (Lumbee) Indi ans, but not as much
as I would like.  Also, I noted that you also li st a David Oxendine as a
brother to Elizabeth.  Do you have any informati on where he may have married
a sister to William?  Her name may have Oma J ackson.

Being a retired history teacher, I remember enough about the Lumbee th at it
has been said that they intermarried with the survivors of the Roano ke colony
of early Virginia, with some being of lighter skin and blue eye s. Hopefully,
you can fill me in.

In trying to complete the family information of William, Andrew, and Samue l,
do you know when and where your Elizabeth Oxendine and William Jacks on
married.  I have been told that they married within Indian Land in Sou th
Carolina (that would have to be southwestern tip of SC whereas Robes on
County, NC is located in southeastern NC (My Andrews ancestors were pos sibly
from Bladen  County, NC (adjacent to Robeson).

Any informaiton you may have to help in my continued "digging" is sincere ly
Evyonne Andrews Eddins
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Per RJ Dunn:  E-Mail 2/9/2004 6:14:39 PM Pacific S
tandard Time

The grandchildren of William and Elizabeth who lived in AL filed a claim w ith
the Dawes Commission..They were rejected, but anyway, the name was lis ted as
Elizabeth Gipson, not oxendine.  Just wondering which is correc t.  Or maybe
both..Maybe she had been married before or may be he had 2 wi ves.
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Notes for John OXENDINE

John Lockaleer, John Oxendine and David Braveboy were among the first Indi ans
in Robeson to be granted land from the King of England. -- Robeson Co .,
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Notes for Nancy OXENDINE

My name is Doreen Lowery Blue  a Lumbee Indian from Pembr
oke, N.C.  I am doing history on my family which includes the surname Oxen
dine.  Do you have any information regarding Nancy Oxendine born abt 17 65
daughter of Charles Oxendine?  Apparently in 1795, there was a $10 rewa rd
placed in the Fayetteville Gazette and the N.C. Central newspape rs by a South
Carolinian for her return to him.  He wrote that she was bei ng hid by family
from the Cumberland County area which Robeson County n ow probably sits. The
counties were separated from Cumberland, Bladen a nd Brunswick Counties. Was
she one of the Indians enslaved to pay a de bt or punishment for some crime?
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Notes for Sarah Ann OXENDINE

A number of sources state her name was Ann Ogletree which is incorrect. T he
dates of birth of the children of Ann Ogletree are much too ear ly to be
children of George Thompson and Sarah Oxendine. George was bo rn in 1766,
whereas Ann Ogletree's first child was born between 1768-177 5. This would
make their father from 2-13 years of age. So it is in no w ay the same
families that we are talking about. It should be further revie wed that the
Wilkes County, Georgia information may be wrong, although so me of our
Thompson lines were there. George and Sarah Ann may not have bee n. Further
research will be needed to verify the correctness of their fin al home.
However, I am convinced the wife of George Thompson the son of Da niel
Thompson and Jemima Portlock is not Ann Ogletree the daughter of Dav id
Ogletree but rather is Sarah Ann than the daughter of Charles Oxendin e. JCT
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Notes for Joyce Culpeper of OXENHEATH

In 1496 she married Ralph Legh (Leigh) and together they had five children:
1) Isabel Leigh (c.1495-7 - ?) She married Sir Edward Baynton. Had issue.
2) Margaret Leigh (after 1496 - ?) She married Thomas Arundel. Had issue.
3) Joyce Leigh (after 1496 - ? ) She married John Stanney. May have had issue
4) John Leigh (after 1496 - ? ) He married Margaret Saunders. May of had
5) Ralph Leigh (after 1496 - before 1563 ) He married Margaret Ireland. Had

From Joyce's first marriage came Isabel Leigh, born abt. 1495, who married Sir
Edward Baynton, one of the largest landowners in Wiltshire. Their son Henry
Baynton married Anne Cavendish, whose father, Sir William, was the ancestor of
the Cavendish family, Dukes of Devonshire. This was through his marriage to
Bess of Hardwick. Henry Baynton and Anne Cavendish had four sons, the fourth
of which, Ferdinand born 1566, married Jane Weare and produced Anne Baynton,
born 1602. Anne Baynton married Christopher Batt, gent., of Wiltshire and they
emigrated to Massachusetts in 1638, where he became a prominent merchant in
Boston (Lincolnshire). From them came many New England descendants.

Ralph died in c.1509/10, and somtime between c.1513-1515 she married Lord
Edmund Howard and together they had 6 or 7 children:
1) Mary Howard (after 1515 - ? ) She married Edmund Trafford.
2) George Howard (after 1515 - ? )
3) Henry Howard (after 1515 - ? ) He married Anne Howard
4) Charles Howard (after 1515 - ? )
5) Catherine Howard (c.1521/5 - 13 Feb 1542) She married Henry VIII of
There may have also been a son called Thomas and a daughter called Elizabeth.
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