Notes for Samuel Anderson MOORE

Served in the Union Army. Captured by Confederate forces at Pilot Knob, Mi
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Notes for Thomas MOORE

Cautionary Note: There may also be a generation missing in this lineage, u se
with caution. JCT 7/15/03
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Notes for Thomas MOORE

Cautionary Note: Unsure if this is the right name. Info from 1989 no te of
Cecil Lee Pinkston-Vinson to J.C. Thompson
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Notes for William MOORE

William Moore signed the marriage bond and is possibly Delphia's father. D
elphia had brothers and sisters but only one is known of and that is Thoma s,
although even there I am not positive of his name. JCT 7/15/03
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Notes for Eoghan MOR

Eoghan Mor (Owen Mor), or Eugene the Great. This Eugene was commonly call ed
"Mogha Nuadhad," and was a wise and politic prince and great warrior. F rom
him Magh-Nuadhad (now "Maynooth") is so called; where a great battle w as
fought between him and Conn of the Hundred Battles, the 110th Monar ch of
Ireland, C.E. 122, with whom he was in continental wars, until at la st, after
many bloody battles, he forced him to divide the kingdom with h im in two
equal parts by the boundary of Esker Riada- a long ridge of hil ls from Dublin
to Galway; determining the south part to himself, whi ch he called after his
own name Leath Mogha or Mogha's Half (of Ireland ), as the north part was
called Leath Cuinn or Conn's half; and requiri ng Conn to give his daughter
Sadhbh (or Sabina) in marriage to his elde st son Olioll Olum. Beara, daughter
fo Heber, the great King of Castile ( in what is now northern Spain), was his
wife, and the mother of Olioll Ol um and of two daughters (who were named
respectively), Caomheall and Scoth niamh; after all, he was slain in battle by
the said Conn of the Hundred B attles.
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Notes for Jose MORAN

Source: - Bosarge Family Tree; Brenda Lewis,  http:/

She was given the name Margarette by the French. She lived in Fort Maurepa s.
Fort Maurepas was 1/2 mile north of the present (c1957) railroad brid ge in
Ocean Springs, MS. She died in New Orleans in 1842 (another accou nt says
1846) her body was brought back to Biloxi, MS and some say was bur ied in back
of the Moran Cemetary. Others say that a schooner was us ed at night to take
her body to Bayou La Batre, Al for burial. No marked g rave has been located.
All toll she had 3 daughters and 2 or 3 sons.

Mrs. Faye Lewis Duval, a direct decendent of Marguerite Budreau who was ba
ptised 11Mar 1785 says that she does not believe that this particular Marg
uerite and Noahtimah were one and the same person as Mrs. Duval has done t
horough research and has not been able to establish Noahtimah anywhe re in her

Mrs. Duval's research in the American State Papers and others, does gi ve us
the following:
Noatimah, an indian woman, applied as a resident of the State of MS in 18 31
(After the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit & Poindexter c 1802, one could app ly
after 5 years resident) Noahtimah, at that time had 4 children, 2 ov er ten
years old and 2 under ten years old.

Notes: Mar 18 1968
Chief Teskahomah and Margaret Alphonse were the parents of Noatimah. Noati
mah, an Indian Princess, married Jose Moran, a French Canadian. Their chi ld
was Mary Jose.

Noatimah had four children of her own and also adopted some. Her childre n:
Mary Jose, Pelagia, Francisco, Helena, Padro (Peter), Louisia, Jo hn (c 1999
Note that our pedigree charts show a Helen, and a Luisa wi th no birth dates
as children of Jose Morin.)

Notes from Letter Dec. 6, 1971
Pedro Morin's brother Joseph Moran, Jr. maried Margaret Panquinet on 7 O ct
1806. This Margaret Panquinet was the daughter of Pedro Panquinet and M aria
Cadet Frederic. (We believe this Margaret Panquinet Morin is Dale Gre enwells'
"Noahtimah", in Twelve Flags - Triumphs and Tragedies.

There is in existence a photostat copy of a letter dated October 5, 1951 f rom
the General Services Administration, Washington 25, D. C. containing i
nformation about an application of and allotment to a Noathimah, in the Co
lumbus Land District of Mississippi 3 November 1837; however, "...the docu
ments pertaining to her application did not contain the names of her child
ren, husband or parents".
It is our belief that somebody has been "took", probably by a renegade att
orney, or a few of them.

We have been unable to fund anything, from any source, recorded at a ny of the
various times these various "Noatimas" are supposed to have exis ted, which
proves any liason of a Morin-Moran spouse, ancestor, or decenda nt with a
Choctaw Indian, male or female, either in present-day United Sta tes, or
Canada, or Normandy.

There does seem to be an ample supply of copies of affidavits by various p
ersons who herein allege that they "remember" a Choctaw Indian, A Noatima h,
in their family ancestry - all of these affidavits we have seen were no
tarized about the time a multi-million dollar appropriation was pendi ng in
Congress to pay Choctaw Indian descendents for land taken from the m, without
prior reimbursement, in the treaty or treaties of Dancing Rabb it Creek.

These affidavits of "rememberance" cannot be supported by any of these rec
ords in our possession which were recorded at the times these various nume
rous Noatimas were supposed to have married, or been married to varied a nd
differing Morins - neither Joseph, Peter, or Peter-Joseph, nor anoth er
Joseph, etc., etc,; take your choice, we've seen them all, but none sup ported
by evidence of connection. On the contrary, the evidence from autho ritative
records contradicts both dates and names, of much of the undocume nted
material extant, if not all.
Gloria Moran, 1211 Carter Drive, Hattiesburg, MS

Received 12-13-67 from Betty Walters, excerpts of their family records -
Noatimah married a Frenchman named Moran, (and she had a) daughter (our Jo se
Mary Josey Moran (who) married John B. Ladnier (and they had a) daughter ( our
Juan Bautista Ladner)
Oursula "Ursula" Ladnier (who) married
Joseph Bosarge (and they had a) daughter
Pauline Bosarge (who) married (our Frances Pauline)
Thomas J. Clark (and she had a) son
William Rufus Clark (who) married
Rosaline Seaman
- Rosaline Clark, born March 10, 1873
- John Wells, born 1835
- John Riley Wells, born 1861
- Mary Jemima Gray, Born 1880

'Nutbook Copies' gives date of death as 1846 in New Orleans, (LA) also lis ts
children as Joseph, Francois, Virginia, Jean Baptiste and Delphine.
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Notes for Berwyn ap MORGAN

BERWYN ['berwin], was the son of Morgan. It is also the name of a mounta in
range in NE Merioneth and SW Denbighshire (Wales).
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