Notes for Floyd Henry HENSON

Retired from federal service with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
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Notes for George HENSON

Source: David S. Payne, website:
Legend says that his seven sons married Holder sisters.
See "The Cousins" by Faye C. Pool
David S. Payne, The meaning of "HOLDER" women is not clearly understood. C
ould they have been sisters; or, did the term "HOLDER woman," imply, perha ps,
that they were Indians. Some researchers believe the term "Holder Wome n" was
generally used to indicate "Indian Women".
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Notes for Grady "G.G." HENSON

Grady (Gradie) took the initials GG in honer of his twin daughters that di ed
at birth.
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Notes for Henry HENSON

Source: David S. Payne, E-mail 9/13/2003 
website: me

Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 09:02:26 -0800
From: "Leona Herman Kollman Garcia"  See Leona's FTM fil e.
To: "David S. Payne" 
Subject: Re: Henry Henson
I descend directly from all, William 1, William 2, James Barget 3 Henry He
nson 4 Henrietta Henson 5 + Purl Orr, Nettie Joan ORR 6 (my mother who mar
ried Leo Herman.

Robert L. "Bob" ADKINS' sister, my grandmother, "Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" A
DKINS was raised by her grandmother Susan HUDMAN MCKAY HENSON. Susan w as a
widow. I do not know date her husband Charles MCKAY died, but in 18 80 when
her sister Mary Ann HUDMAN HENSON died, she married her sister's w idower
husband Dr. Henry HENSON and they raised my grandmother, Mary Eliza beth
"Mollie" ADKINS. I do not know who raised the other children, but so me how
they all grew to be adults. Lee
Mail to:
Leona Garcia
PO Box 636
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
FAX 360-336-6657
Children of HENRY HENSON and MARY HUDMAN are:
6. i. JAMES WASHINGTON9 HENSON, b. July 12, 1849, Rusk County, Texas; d. J une
06, 1936, Hiram, Kauffman County, Texas.
ii. WILLIAM TERRELL HENSON, b. August 27, 1850, Panola County, Texas; m. J
7. iii. SARAH ELIZABETH MARY "MARTHA" HENSON, b. 1852, Wills Point, Van Za ndt
County, Texas; d. 1874.
iv. MARTHA JANE HENSON, b. February 27, 1853; d. October 04, 1893, Kaufm an
(2) C.R. PEERY, November 11, 1874, Van Zandt Co, Texas.
Notes for C.R. PEERY: Van Zandt County, Texas, Marriages through 187 9: 11 Nov
1874, C.A. Peery & Louisa HENSON
vi. LAURA JO HENSON, b. 1856; m. J.W. RAYBUN, June 19, 1881, Van Zandt Cou
nty, Texas.
8. vii. SUSAN ANN HENSON, b. 1858.
ugust 15, 1879, Van Zandt Co, Texas.
Notes for JOHN FRANKLIN MABRA: Van Zandt County, Texas, Marriages throu gh
1879: 15 Aug 1879, J.F. Mabra & Q.V. HENSON
9. ix. HENNRYETTA "NETTIE" HENSON, b. October 11, 1862, Wills Point, Van Z
andt County, Texas; d. June 05, 1937, Ardmore Oklahoma, buried in Kolb cem
etery, in Spencer Ok..
10. x. MARIETTA "MATTIE" E HENSON, b. October 11, 1862, Wills Point, Van Z
andt County, Texas; d. Bet. 1884 - 1956.
xi. LEAVIN "LEE ANNE" HENSON, b. 1864.
xii. IDA HENSON, b. January 09, 1870; d. September 28, 1880, Wills Poin t, Van
Zandt County, Texas. Buried Union Grove Cemetery

1860 Federal Census, Van Zandt County, Texas: pp. 45B-46: #421/438:
Henry HENSON 36 GA Physician $1335 personal prop.
Mary A. 34 GA
James 10 TX
William 9 TX
Sarah 8 TX
Martha 6 TX
Louisa 5 TX
Laura 3 TX
S.A. (female) 1 TX
Margaret WAGGON 23 TN

1870 Federal Census, Van Zandt County, Texas: p. 171B: #213/231:
Henry HENSON 46 GA Farmer $1300 real estate, $1000 personal prop.
Mary W. 42 GA
James 21 TX
William 19 TX
Martha 17 TX
Louisa 16 TX
Joseph 14 TX
Susan 12 TX
Queen 10 TX
Henrietta 8 TX
Mattie 8 TX
Leann 6 TX
Ida 7/12 TX
Samuel SMITH 10 TX

1880 Census Place E.D. 121, Van Zandt, Texas
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father 's
Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Henry HENSON Self W Male W 54 SC Farmer KY ---
Josie HENSON Dau S Female W 22 TX At Home SC GA
Henrietta HENSON Dau S Female W 18 TX At Home SC GA
Anna HENSON Dau S Female W 16 TX At Home SC GA
Ida HENSON Dau S Female W 11 TX At Home SC GA
Wm. RADNEY SonL M Male W 17 GA Farmer GA GA
Mariette RADNEY Dau M Female W 18 TX Keeping House SC GA
Source Information:
Family History Library Film 1255330
NA Film Number T9-1330
Page Number 48B

1900 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas: p. 138: #176/180:
Henry HENSON May 1823 GA SC SC Physician, married 20 years
Susan May 1833 GA unknown unknown wife, 12 children/6 living
Suda ADKINS Mar 1881 TX TX TX granddaughter
1910 Van Zandt Co TX Census
Henry HENSON Father born South Carolina Mother born Georgia
Susan Father born South Carolina Mother born Georgia

Confederate Pension Application
Name of Applicant: Henry Henson, of VanZandt Co., TX. post office: Wills P
oint, TX. Comptrollers File No. A13107.
I have carefully examined the within application for pension, together wi th
the proof in support thereof, and I recommend that the application be A
pproved. 19 Sep 1907. by E. A. Bolmes, Chief Pension Clerk.
Application of Indigent Soldier or Sailor of the late Confederacy for pens ion
under the Act of May 12, 1899. The State of Texas ) County of VanZandt )
To the Honorable County Judge of VanZandt County, Texas:
Your petitioner, Henry Henson respectfully represents that he is a reside nt
citizen of VanZandt County, in the state of Tex, and that he makes th is
application for the purpose of obtaining a pension under the act pass ed by
the Twenty-sixth Leg. of the State of TX. etc,etc.
NOTE - Applicant must make answer to all of the following questions, and s uch
answers must be written out plainly in ink.
Q.What is your name? Henry Henson
Q. What is your age? Eighty four years old.
Q. In what County do you reside? VanZandt, County, Tex.
Q. How long have you resided in sd. Co. and what is your postoffice add? M ore
then forty years, P O Wills Point, Texas.
Q. Have you applied for a pension under the Conf. Pens. Law heretofore, a nd
been rejected? No
Q. What is your occupation if able to engage in one? Have been a physici an
when able to practice.
Q. What is your physical condition? I am partially paralised in right a rm and
Q. If your physical condition is such that you are unable by your own lab or
to earn a support, state what caused such disability. Old Age.
Q. In what State was your command originally organized? Texas
Q. How long did you serve? Give date of enlistment and discharge. Enlist ed in
Feb 1862 and was discharged in June 1863.
Q. What was the name or letter of your company and name or number of yo ur
regiment? Co. G. 15 Texas Cavalry.
Q. State whether you served in the infantry, artillery, cavalry, or the na vy.
Cavalry and Infantry most of the time.
Q. State whether or not you have received any pension or veteran donati on
land certificate under any previous law, and if you answer in the affir mative
state what pension or vbeteran donation land certificate you have r eceived.
Q. What real and personal property do you now own, and what is the prese nt
value of such property? Give list of such property and value. One old b uggy
wort about $15.00 have no land.
Q. What property, and what was the value thereof, have you sold or convey ed
within two years prior to the date of this application? I suppose abo ut $two
hundred dollars of personal property to enable me to live on.
Q. What income, if any, do your receive. None.
Q. Are you in indigent circumstances; that is , are you in actual want, a nd
destitute of property, and means of subsistence? I have no property a nd am
not able to earn a living.
Q. Are you unable by your labor to ear a support? I am not.
Q. Did you ever desert the Confederacy? No.
Q. Have you been continuously since the first day of Jan 1880, a bona fi de
resident citizen of this State? I have ever since 1841.
Sig: Henry Henson
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6 day of May A.D. 1907 W. L. Hayn es ,
County Judge of VanZandt, County, Texas.
Affidavit of Witnesses: signed by A.D. Huff and J.J. High. 11 May 1907at
Henry Henson was examined by a physician, who determined he had Partial Pa
ralysis and old age....
The physician signed his name as W H Terry.
The application was submitted on 16 May 1907.
MM Norman verified everything Henry Henson said, and said he had known h im
since 1861. And was in the same unit with him in the Civil War. A.D. Hu ff did
the same for Henry.
On the 2 Aug 1907, the Comptrollers Dept of the State of Texas requested H
enry Hensons Military records in the Co. G. 15th Reg. of Texas Cavalry. Th ey
got the reply, saying that Henry was in Co. C. from July of 1862 to Aug ust of
1863. So Henry received his pension.

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 11:59:53 EDT
Subject: Henson Family
Hi: Found the following in my files: It was taken from the Family Puzzl er
#1447, 7/13/1996, p 5-7. Thought you might be interested in.
"I was born in Rabun County, Ga May 21, 1823, which would make me betwe en 85
and 86 years old. My father moved to Gilmore [Gilmer] County, Ga. wh ere we
lived until the spring of 1834"
"On the night of Nov 13, 1833, I saw the comets fall from the heavens by h
undreds of thousands. The whole canopy of heaven was in a general commoti on
from midnight until daylight. I was not excited at the strange movemen ts of
the stars, as I supposed they did that every morning."

"Some movers, camped near our house, awoke and called out to my father th at
the world was coming to an end. I then got a little excited over it, a nd
stated to my father that if that was anything to get excited over, I co uld
have notified them two or three hours before. That was about 4:30 o'cl ock. I
was 10 years old at the time of the falling of the stars. "

"In the spring of 1834 my father emigrated to Arkansas territory and after
wads to [the] Cherokee Nation, where we remained one year. Later we liv ed in
Benton County, Ark. where we ground all our meal, our family, sev en in
number, used on a steel mill ..."
"My father and family emigrated from Arkansas to Texas in 1841, stopping o ne
year in Fannin County, and then moving to Rusk County, Tex. where we li ved 7
years ..."

I have lived under the administration of 22 presidents of the United Stat es
and two presidents of the republic of Texas, vis. Sam Houston and Ans on
Jones. The first vote I ever cast was for Anson Jones. The second one w as the
annexation of the republic of Texas to the United States in 1845 a nd I have
never regretted casting that vote yet ... " Have you got any ide as as to who
this might be? Scarlette
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Notes for Isabell HENSON

Source: David S. Payne,  website:
Legend says that his seven sons married Holder sisters.
See "The Cousins" by Faye C. Pool
Isabella "Isabel" Hinson probably was born about 1723. She married James Y
elton on November 13, 1743. (Parish Register) According to Jeffrey Duval l, a
descendant, Isabel and James Yelton had the following children: Charl es G.,
James, Ann, Mary, William and Amelia. Isabel died on February 13, 1 781, in
Stafford County.
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Notes for James HENSON

Source: David S. Payne, website:
Legend says that his seven sons married Holder sisters.
See "The Cousins" by Faye C. Pool
David S. Payne, The meaning of "HOLDER" women is not clearly understood. C
ould they have been sisters; or, did the term "HOLDER woman," imply, perha ps,
that they were Indians. Some researchers believe the term "Holder Wome n" was
generally used to indicate "Indian Women".
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Notes for James Baret HENSON

Source: David S. Payne,  website:
1830 Rabun Co. GA Page No: 232 by: Moses G. Anderson
18 Jas. B. Hanson 0101200000000-4100100000000
Lyon's men were mustered in on July IT, 1846, and designated as Company "G ",
of the Second Texas Mounted Volunteers. In August, between the 7th a nd the
8th, the company was encamped at Matamoros, Mexico. Company must er rolls show
that four men were given discharges from military service f or being either
sick or disabled. These were: John P. Esham, Alexand er C. McKay, Samuel McKay
and Jesse R. Nowlin. From about August 15th to S eptember llth, the company
was encamped at Camargo, on the Rio Grande. T he climate at Camargo was
unhealthy and death and sickness spread throu gh the military camp. While at
Camargo the ranks of the company were furth er depleted with the loss of
fifteen men. Fourteen were either granted dis charges for disabilities or
sickness when the company moved on to Monterre y. The fifteenth man, James B.
Henson, the company's 2nd musician, died.

From: Leona Kollman Garcia 
Mustered on 7/17/1846 Co. G 2nd TX Mounted Volunteers as a 2nd musica n. He
was listed as a musician,a bugler, in U.S. Cavalry, Died in The Mexi can
American War 1846 in Camagro Mexaco. died of Diarrhea
Archives, census Rusk County Tx. Militery & Pension records Zerox copi es of
family letters, & records, Census Records, Rabim County Georgia, 183 0, 1840
census records from Benton County Arkansas.
1840 Census of Benton County, Arkansas
William TALLEY age 40-50 1790-1800
Nancy TALLEY age 60-70 1770-1800
1 Male 20-30 1810-1820
2 Females 20-30 1810-1820
***These may not be all of Nancy TALLEY's children. Could be a son and h is
wife. The other female could be almost anyone.
Prior TALLEY did not have a femal in his household in the 1830 Census th at
would fit into the age bracket of his wife. If this is not Prior's wif e, then
who is she?
Prior's first daughter was named Nancy. Nancy TALLEY on the census above w
ould be old enought to have been her mother. Did she go west with the earl ier
Cherokees and then her daughter Elizabeth TALLEY HENSON followed h er in 1834?
They were right there where James Barget HENSON and family we re in 1840.
4. i. HENRY8 HENSON, b. May 21, 1823, Rabun Co., Georgia; d. February 2 4,
1911, Wills Point, Van Zandt Co., Texas.
ii. MINERVA EMMALINE HENSON, b. August 10, 1824, Georgia; m. QUINTON UNKNO WN.
iii. SARAH DAWSON HENSON, b. January 10, 1826, Georgia; m. GEORGE SHACKLEF
iv. MALENDA HENSON, b. February 23, 1827, Georgia.
v. RACHEL HENSON, b. September 11, 1828, Georgia; m. (1) JOSEPH ROBERTS Ju ly
28, 1844; m. (2) MATTHEW T BIRDWELL.
vi. ELIZABETH T. HENSON, b. July 06, 1830, Georgia d. 1856; m. RICHARD WEL LS
April 15, 1845.
vii. ELIZA ANN HENSON, b. 1839, Georgia; m. WILLIAM B. JR TWONEY, Novemb er
21, 1854, Panola Co. Texas.
viii. ELMIRA JANE HENSON, b. 1841, Benton County Ark; m. HARMON SMITH Augu st
1857 in Panola Co. Texas.

From 1999 Edition of "Cherokee Proud" by Tony McClure PH.D
Cherokee Agency East Dec. 1st. 1835
Lieut Van horne
US Disbursing Agent
I have just received a communication dated Nov.1835 from the(……………….) encl
osing a copy of a communication from yourself to that department in relati on
to James B. Henson. His wife was represented to me to be of Cherokee bl ood
but resided for many years among the whites and returned with Hens on a white
man into the Cherokee Country after the extension of the la ws of Georgia.
After he came into the county he was a candidate for the Le gislature and was
defeated on the score of his having an Indian blooded wo man for a wife. This
fact I was well satisfied of from my own knowledge b ut having doubts of his
being really of Indian blood. I inquired of sever al persons of credibility
who gave statement which removed my doubts and t he family was consequently
enrolled under the provision of the Treaty of M ay 6, 1828 as members of the
Tribe. I had intended to have answered you fu lly by my communication of the
17 April last but suppose the name of Jam es B. Henson was inadvertently
Very Respectjully Your Most Obt Servt
Ben F. Currey
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Notes for Jesse HENSON

Source: Russell Miller , Compiled by Jeanette Hens on
Jesse Henson born abt. 1775.  The old letters I have from Georgia, say "o ur
old Uncle Jesse Henson has departed this life." Making him born before 1775.
He is not mentioned in the will of William Henson.
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Notes for John Henry HENSON

Source: David S. Payne,  website: :
See REMEMBERING RUSK COUNTY p. 116 and "Rusk Co History 1982" p. 233-4 giv en
me by Linda Lamainack 

John H. Henson of Rusk Count, Post office of Henderson, TX. #19216, dat ed 29
Aug 1910. and allowed on 1 June 1910.
Application: John H. Henson of Rusk Co., TX is age 64 on the 16 day of Ju ne
1909. Born in Kingston, Cass Co., Ga. Has lived in Rusk Co., TX f or 53 years.

His address is RFD #1, Henderson, TX.
He is a farmer, he served in the service from Rusk Co., Tx,. he was discha
rged May 1863,served to the surrender. he was in Co D 34th Texas Volunte er
and Calvary.

John H., Henson 9 July 1910.
J.W.Cobb and P S Tipps were his Witnesses on 13 Aug 1910.
M.M. Crow and W H Gary were witness on 23 Aug 1910.
John H. Henson has property worth $675.00 26 Aug 1910.
John H. Hensons war record says he was in Co. D. Reg 34th, Terrells
Texas Cavalry. in the Confederate Army. Enlisted May 18, 1863.

There is a Mortuary Warrant Application from Mrs. W. h. stroud of Rush Co .,
Tx, saying that John H. Henson died on 1 Aug 1932 in Henderson, Rusk Co ., TX
that she is his daughter. and her address is Joinesville, Texas or H enderson,
TX. Signed by the Undertaker, A. Crimm. The physician in his la st illness
was: J. E. Watkins and John H. Henson died of Dysentery.
On Feb 15, 1946 a letter was written to Geo. H. Sheppard, Comptroller of P
ublic Accoutsn by Mrs. J. D. Harvey, 1309 Marshall Lane, Austin, TX. regar
ding the war records of John H. Henson.
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Notes for Joseph HENSON

Source: David S. Payne,  website:
Legend says that his seven sons married Holder sisters.
See "The Cousins" by Faye C. Pool
David S. Payne, The meaning of "HOLDER" women is not clearly understood. C
ould they have been sisters; or, did the term "HOLDER woman," imply, perha ps,
that they were Indians. Some researchers believe the term "Holder Women" was
generally used to indicate "Indian Women".

Joseph Henson, named for his grandfather, was probably born about 1721 in
Stafford County. He settled in Culpeper County for a time. Accordi ng to
Henson Pioneers by Leslie Henson, Joseph came from Culpeper Coun ty to North
Carolina after 1770, settled in Randolph County, later Rutherford County.

To: "Bob Burton" 
Cc: "Judy Swan" 
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 5:44 PM
Subject: Fw: Message from Pat
Do you have any info on this Joshua Burton? My ggggrandfather William Henson's
sister, Sarah Henson, was said to have married an Elijah Burton befo re they
moved on to Missouri. This was noted in William Henson's brother J esse
Henson's Rev War Pension Application papers. Thanks. R.E."

Property 1: Culpepper co VA. Property 2: Abt. 1767, Randolph Co, Va. on Deep
River Will 1: Bo ok 1. p. 33, 1786, Randolph Co NC Will 2: Proved December
1786, left everything to son Jame s Henson ** information provided by Paul and
Eva Henson. WB-1/34, AR, Co. 081-Randolph Coun ty, NC From Our Hansons Hensons
Hinsons by William Alexander, p. 42 "Jan. 1, 1733 Rented 19 0 acres four miles
above the falls of the Rappahannock River in King George County. Novembe r 18,
1751 "Deed - Andrew Ross of King George County, to Joseph Hinson of King
George County , 372 acres in Culpepper County, Virginia in Bromfield Parish
under the Ragged Mountain, in S pignal Hollow on the north fork of Beaver Dam
Run." October 15, 1767 "Joseph Hinson sold the 372 acres to Eli Thompson."
April 18, 1765 "Joseph Henson of Bromfield Parish in the Count y of Culpeper
to James Duncanson of the County of Spotsylvania, 400 acres, whereon the said
J oseph Henson now dwells in Bromfield Parish in Culpeper County." 1767
"Joseph Henson moved t o Randolph County, North Carolina where his home was
used as a "meeting place" for the local militia during the Revolutionary War.
1786 "Joseph Henson died in Randolph County." 

Culpeper County, Va. Deed Book A. page 363 - Andrew Rosse of King George
County to Joseph Hin son of said County - sum of 60 pounds, a parcel of land
in the county of Culpeper, under th e ragged mountain beginning at the corner
of Widow Jones -- containing 370 acers; said land b eing same land granted to
Andrew Rosse by then Proprietor's office, 1749. 

Witness, Thos. Hord, Daniel Campbell, John Knox. Deed Book D, page 619 - Know
all men by the se precence that I Joseph Henson in consideration of the sum of
13 pounds 18 shillings 5 penc e have conveyed to James Duncanson of
Spottsylvania County, merchant one tract of land contai ning by estimation 200
Acres whereon said Joseph Henson now dwells situated in the Parish o f
Brumfield in the County of Culpeper adjoining the plantation whereon Joshua
Lampton lives - - two cows and calfs marked, etc., two feather beds and
furniture, 12 hogs, ect., 1 gray mare , 1 copper still and heads, about 12
gallons, etc., 18 April 1765 (Note Joseph Henson evident ly planning to leave
the County). Singed Joseph (X) Henson Witness: Ebenezer McCharge, Edwar d
Stevens. This conveyance labeled A Deed of Gift. Book E, page 433, 15 October
1767 - Josep h Henson and Ann, his wife of Brumfield Parish and County of
Culpeper to Eli Thompson of th e Parish of and county aforesaid; consideration
30 pounds, a parcel of land containing 372 ac res, being land granted by the
Proprietor's office to Andrew Rosse merchant at Falmouth; begi nning at two
white oaks and a red oak on the north fork of Beaver Dam Run, corner to Joseph
J ones and John Seal, Etc, to John Sampson's line in Joseph Jones, Esq., line
Signed: Joseph (X ) Henson and Ann (X) Henson
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Notes for Joseph HENSON

From: "Ellen Howell" 
To: "David S. Payne" 
Subject: Re: henson
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 20:59:16 -0700
Hello David,
This is my line as follows: Joseph Henson Sr and Rebecca Scruggs
Joseph Henson Jr and Nancy Elizabeth Clark
Charles Henson and Melissa Swim/Swaim
John C. Henson and Eliza Catharine Spencer
William Steve Henson and Bessie May Melton, my parents, then me, Ellen

This Joseph on census of 1790 and 1800 I believe is my Joseph and Rebecca.
Their first child was born in 1794 William Henson. In census of 1800 they had
two daughters, Elizabeth and Judah. By 1800 they left Pendleton dist SC and
moved to NC then to Habersham Co GA then Union Co. Some still live there.

I could not account for all the children of the William in these censuses in
any of the info I've seen online or with chatting with descendants if he is
the William H. I have seen where Dr. Henry Henson who descends from this line
states in documents that his cousins were a Dick, Terrell and Wash Henson.
This Dick Henson is son of Joseph and Rebecca who's name was William and he
went by name of Richard and mostly Dick. He married a part Cherokee woman,
Margaret Blair. He filed many a case to try and regain the reservation land
which was taken from him and wife. Ellen at
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 19:12:10 -0700

Hi David, The Lloyd Henson I was referring to is Lloyd Henson born Dec 27,
1789 NC some say SC, died in Haywood Co NC, married Sally Meace/Meece May 27,
1818 in Haywood Co NC. They had a daughter Cynthia Henson who married Leonard
Cardin/Carden and they had a son named Stonewall Jackson Cardin who's
application states he is grandson of Lloyd Henson and this Lloyd that married
Sallie Meace is brother to Wm "Richard" Henson son of Joseph and Rebecca
Scruggs Henson. He states in his application that he knows daughter of other
sister Audrey and daughter of Richard Henson Irena Warlick, he says Irena's
father "Dickie" Henson is Lloyd's brother. Trying to prove or disproof that.
Most researchers have this Lloyd as son of Daniel. It amazing me that there
are so many Henson researchers that no one has my 4th Joseph Sr among
their lines. We know he was born in VA went to NC then SC then Habersham/Union
co GA and is buried Henson cem near Owltown. Have a good evening. Ellen at
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Notes for Josiah Josephus HENSON

Named in his fathers will. Served in War of 1812
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Notes for Lazerus HENSON

Source: David S. Payne, website:
Legend says that his seven sons married Holder sisters.
See "The Cousins" by Faye C. Pool
David S. Payne, The meaning of "HOLDER" women is not clearly understood. C
ould they have been sisters; or, did the term "HOLDER woman," imply, perha ps,
that they were Indians. Some researchers believe the term "Holder Wome n" was
generally used to indicate "Indian Women".
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