Notes for Esther DOUGHTY

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Notes for Francis DOUGHTY

Francis Doughty, expelled from Cohasset for preaching that Abraham's child ren
should have been baptized, founded the town of Mespath, LI, 1642.  "Pe ter
Stuyvesant" - P30. CU_MOA

"Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657." Co
lket, 1985, P198,199: FWPL GEN 974.721 - Doughty Family
In 1639, Franciscus Douthy, an English clergyman of Taunton, Mass., remov ed
to Long Island in 1641. Having come to New England, at the time of t he
persecution in England.  He betook himself under the protection of t he
Netherlands, in order that he may, according to Dutch Reformation, enj oy
freedom of conscience, which he unexpectedly missed in New England.

In 1642.  The Director granted and conveyed to him an absolute patent wi th
manoral privileges.  He added some families to his settlement, at Maspe th, L.
I., in the course of a year, but the war breaking out, they were a ll driven
off their lands, some were killed - and almost all they had w as lost.  They
fled as all refugees did, to Manhattan, and Master Douthy w as  minister
there.  He was without means and his land was seized by the D irector;  Douthy
appealed but the Director said there was no appeal, his d ecision must be
final, and for his remarks, Doughty was sentenced to impri sonment 24 hours,
and to pay 25 Guilders.  The deed was for 6,666 acr es of land, at Maspeth,
from Gov. Keift.  1642 Colonial Records Newtown, L I.

New Amsterdam 1643

Flushing, NY 1648 Francis Doughty departed for the English Virginias; he h ad
previously conferred on his daughter Mary, on her marriage, in 1645, wi th
Adrian Von Der Donck, his farm on Flushing bay, now owned by Abraham a nd John

Northampton Co, VA 1655

Additional Information Posted By: Stuart Ward, 14 Norwood Court, Porter 's
Lake, NS, Canada, B3E 1G3
Francis DOUGHTY Rev. BORN: 4 NOV 1605, Duddkewick, England DIED: 2 MAR 168

Francis Doughty II. from Eng.; preacher at Taunton; planter, Dorchester, 1
639; received grant at Maspeth (now Newtown), L.I.; first Puritan minist er at
New York City, and first to preach in English language there

DOUGHTY, FRANCIS, Taunton 1639, rem. 1641 to Long Isl. where he was hard ly so
well treat. as the min. of the gospel should have been. Adrian Van d er Donck,
an official under Van Rensselaer a patentee, wh m. his d. prin t. a statement
of his case. Baylies, I. 289. Lechford has notice of h im in very few words.
JAMES, Scituate, m. 15 Aug. 1649, Lydia, d. of Humph rey Turner, had, betw.
1650 and 1670, Mary, James, Elizabeth Martha, Lydi a, Sarah, Samuel, Robert,
and Susanna; was a soldier in Philip's war. Dean e, 264, thinks the fam. went
to Conn. THOMAS, Dover 1657-67. Perhaps he re m. over to Berwick, and
Doughty's Falls may have the name from him.
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Notes for Francis DOUGHTY

1699 Sep 21 will proved
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Notes for Jacob DOUGHTY

Note: There are records of a Sarah born to this couple in January 1702. Ho
wever, I question that she is really the child of Jacob and Amy in that h er
next sibling would be born less than six months later. JCT 8/21/03

Lived at Cow Neck, Queens Co., NY.  He and wife Amy were Friends (Quaker s)
and members of the Cow Neck Meeting now on 20'th St.

Deed to fare at Cow Neck, Town of Hempstead, deed to Jacob and wife A my by
her father Daniel Whitehead 1699 Apr 28, "Friends" Mtgs were held th ere until
he moved family to Burlington Co in 1713.  In 1716 he was memb er of  Assembly
at Burlington.  More information on this iteresting fami ly is given by E. A.
Doty in his "The Doughty Family of Long Island."

1718 May 14  P5  Abstract P29, N468  Grantor: Jacob Doughty of Chesterfiel d,
Burlington Co., Esq.
Grantee: Zebulon Clayton of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman Transaction: 7 00
acres in Amwell Twp., bounded by Henry Farnsworth, Peter
Gerrals, and Jacob Douhty; sd tract sold to sd. Jacob by William Stevens on on
18 April last. Signed by Jacob and Anne Doughty. Rec. 1719 Jan 05. W itness:
Joseph King, John Laurence Jr., and John Jones.

1721 Mar 19 The records of the Court held at Burlington, NJ note that Hu gh
Sharp, Jacob Doughty, and John Rudderow sat as Judges.
Here is something I picked up in the NYGBR Vol. XXX, Page 122 under Not es of
the Doughty Family of West Jersey - by John R. Stevenso n, M. D.  At the
Chesterfield Friends Meeting of Burlington County, N. J ., the Certificate of
Jacob Doughty from the Flushing, L. I., meeting w as read, 1day, 2 mo., 1714. 
In the former meeting 0n 3 d., 8 mo., 1719, S AMUEL STOCKTON, of Stony Brook,
declared his first intention of his marria ge with AMY DOUGHTY, daughter of
JACOB.  He declared his second intenti on on 4 d., 4 mo., 1719. ild

1728 Feb 12  Grantor: Executors of William Stevenson
Grantee: Jacob Doughty
Description: 138 Acres in Amwell Township, Hunterson County, NJ.

1728 Sep 26  Grantor: Jacob Doughty of Burlington, Gentleman
Grantee: James Clement, Jr., of Flushing, Queens, NY, yeoman
Transaction: #130 of NY money 212 acres in two plots in Burlington Co.: # 1:
162 acres purchased of Samuel Willet (Miller?) on 1714 jan17. borders M
armaduke Horseman, Samuel Bunting, George Ritholsons (Nicholson?)  # 2: 50
acres bounding John Moore, the above tract, George Ritholson?, the K ings
Road, known as York Road. Purchased of Marmaduke Horseman,
1715 feb 4.  Witnesses: Ffrancis Doughty, Charles Doughty
1728 Sep 26 Recorded by Lewis Morris, Esq.,Ffrancis Doughty affirmed th at he
saw Jacob and Charles sign.

1729 Sep 09 NJ_PLD B_D P480  Grantor: Jacob Doughty of Hunterdon Co, NJ, E sq.
Grantee: Edward Burling of New York City, merchant for 5 shillings.  25 12
acres in Hunterdon County near the Delaware River, at a hill called Ind ian
Tongue; on a branch of Pophannuck called the Beaver Dam Branch. Bound ed by:
Mahlon Stacy; the side of a mountain; John Reading; Nathan Allen; a nd back to
Stacy.  Out of 4th dividend, shares of propriety from Matthew G ardiner, son
and heir of Thomas Gardiner, late of Burlington.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bartholemew Thatcher. Signed Jn.o Reading.

1729 Sep 30 NJ_PLD B_D P482 P402 Grantor: Jacob Doughty of Hunterdon Co, N J,
Grantee: Edward Burling of New York City, merchant for 5 shillings. Descri
ption: about 2 miles NE of Belvidere, Hunterdon  From Thomas Gardiner, dec 'd
to Matthew Gardiner "his only son." Warrant 10 mar 1714/15, near a hi ll on
Delaware River called Indian Tongue, Penungauchong; on a branch of P ophannuck
called Beaver Dam Branch. Describes same 2512 acres as D-480.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Osborne, Bart. Thatcher.

1733 March 30 Grantor: Jacob Doughty
Grantee: Samuel Large, Samuel Wilson, John Stevenson. Edward Rockhill, a nd
Joseph King, trustees.
Description: 4 acres of Amwell land for a Friends Meeting House.  This w as
called first the Bethleham Meeting;  next the Kingwood Meeting, and la st the
Quakertown Meeting.

Will Made 1737 Jul 02 and on record at Trenton, NJ

The following list of children was taken from N. Y. Records, Vol. III a nd
Vol. 30, Encyclopedia of American Quasker Genealogy, Vol. 3
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Notes for John DOUGHTY

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Notes for Mary DOUGHTY

Not positive on birthdate
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Notes for Mary DOUGHTY

In the Index of Persons and Subjects the Mary Doughty ref. to P72. V4-9 0, is
the same Mary (daughter of Elias, Rev.'s gr.dau.) who married
Thomas Hicks (Judge) and whose descendents were the painters Thomas and Ed
ward Hicks.
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Notes for Sarah DOUGHTY

Posted by nancy witzgall on January 13, 1999 at 06:33:19: http://freepages

In Reply to: Sarah Doughty(1703) - John Embree posted by Stuart Ward on Ja
nuary 06, 1999 at 09:19:43:

I hope this infro. helps you out. The infro I have is as follows. Sarah Do
ughty was b. abt, 1680 Flushing Queens, daughter of Elias Doughty [s on of
Rev. Francis Doughty ] and Sarah O'Neale, she married John Embree [ b. abt.
1678] abt. 1718 in Flushing Queens. Mararget Howell was marri ed to Francis
Doughty [son of Rev. Francis Doughty].

Sarah DOUGHTY BORN: 1668, Flushing, Queens, NY. MARRIED: John EMBREE,

Posted by Bill Doughty on May 20, 1999 at 15:38:59:

In Reply to: Sarah Doughty(1703) - John Embree posted by Stuart Ward on Ja
nuary 06, 1999 at 09:19:43:

According to page 348 of Genealogies of Long IslaNnd Families, Sarah Dough ty
(dau. of Elias Doughty and Sarah, his wife) born at Flushing, Queens Co unty,
New York, about 1680; married at Flushing, Queens County, NY, 171 8, John
Embree. They had one child, John, b. abt.1720.John married Elizabe th Lawrence
and had 5 children (page 353).Sarah was the grandaughter of t he Rev. Francis
Doughty. e-mail me at

Sarah Doughty 65 bm 1680 ___ __ to Elias Doughty 64 et ux Sarah Frances (n ee
Whitehead 64) Doughty mm ____ ___ __ John Embree 65 with John Embr ee 65 John
66 b1720

Posted By: Stuart Ward, 14 Norwood Court, Porter's Lake, NS B3E 1G3
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Notes for Margaret DOUGLAS

Lord Thomas Howard became engaged to her without the permission of her unc le,
King Henry VIII.  They were both imprisoned in the Tower of Lond on as a
result.  After Lord Thomas' death, she was released and married Lo rd Lennox. 
She died in poverty at Hackeny and was buried at the expen se of her cousin,
Queen Elizabeth I.  She and her husband had four daughte rs and four sons

Additional information, Margaret Douglas
Source: Wikipedia,

Margaret Douglas
Countess of Lennox
click for larger versionMargaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox (October 8, 1 515
- March 7, 1578) was the daughter of Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of An gus,
and Margaret Tudor, (daughter of Henry VII of England and widow of Ja mes IV
of Scotland) Margaret was born at Harbottle Castle, Northumberlan d. Because
of her nearness to the English crown, Lady Margaret Douglas w as brought up
chiefly at the English court in close association with the f uture queen Mary
I of England, who remained her fast friend throughout lif e. She was high in
the favour of her cousin, King Henry VIII of England, b ut was twice
disgraced; first for an attachment to Lord Thomas Howard, w ho died in the
Tower of London in 1537, and again in 1541 for a similar af fair with Sir
Charles Howard, brother of Queen Catherine Howard. In 1544 s he married a
Scottish exile, Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox (1516-157 1), who was
regent of Scotland in 1570-157I. During Mary’s reign, the coun tess of Lennox
had rooms in Westminster Palace; but on the accession of El izabeth I, she
moved to Yorkshire, where her home at Temple Newsam beca me a centre for Roman
Catholic intrigue. She succeeded in marrying off h er son Henry Stewart, Lord
Darnley, to Mary I of Scotland. In 1566 she w as sent to the Tower, but after
the murder of Darnley in 1567 she was rele ased. She denounced Mary, but was
eventually reconciled with her daughter- in-law. In 1574 she again aroused
Elizabeth’s anger by the marriage of h er other son, Charles, Earl of Lennox,
with Elizabeth Cavendish, daught er of the Earl of Shrewsbury. She was sent to
the Tower with Lady Shrewsbu ry, but was pardoned after her son’s death in
1577. Her diplomacy large ly contributed to the future succession of her
grandson, James VI of Scotl and, to the English throne.

The Lennox jewel, made for Lady Lennox as a memento of her husband, was bo
ught by Queen Victoria in 1842.

Updated from 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
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Notes for Nelly DOUGLAS

Not sure of first name
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Notes for Elizabeth DOUGLASS

1851 Drennan roll: Skin Bayou, 44 as widow Betsey Brown
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Notes for Richard FitzJohn of DOVER

Illegitimate son of King John "Lackland" of England. Note, he was also kno wn
as Richard FitzRoy, Richard de Dover and Richard de Chilham
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