Notes for Samuel ADAMS

This Samuel Adams was a doctor and was different from his relative Samu el
Adams who was the early American Patriot and Governor of Massachusetts.
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Notes for Samuel ADAMS

A graduate of Harvard University, he later assumed a leadership role of t he
movement in Massachusetts that advocated independence from Great Britia n.

He led the fight against the Townshend Act, headed the demonstrations th at
led to the Boston Massacre, and directed the famous Boston Tea Part y.  In
June of 1774 he secured approval by the Massachusetts General Cou rt to send
representatives to the first Continental Congress.  He was so on elected a
delegate and became leader of the radical faction that demand ed strong
measures against Great Britian.

He was the central figure in the episode that precipitated the American Re
volution.  On April 18, 1775, his arrest and that of colleague John Hancoc k,
were ordered by General Thomas Gage, the Royal Governor of Massachusett s. 
The first pitched battle of the revolution occurred when, on the follo wing
day, British Regulars, en route to Adams' temporary home in Lexingto n,
Massachusetts, met the armed resistance of local patriots at Concord a nd on
the way to Lexington.

He served as a delegate to the second Continental Congress held in Philade
lphia, Pennsylvania in May of 1775, subsequently signing the Declarati on of

In 1779 he was a member of the committee that drafted the Massachusetts st ate
constitution and also was instrumental in securing the ratificati on by
Massachusetts of the United States constitution.

He served as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts from 1789 to 1793 and Go
vernor from 1794 to 1797.
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Notes for Solaman ADAMS

Martha Smith may have been the first or second cousin of Solaman Ada ms on his
mothers side.  She was also Cherokee and her mother was probab ly a Carter.
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Notes for Soloman ADAMS

Source: J.R. Frye, Somerset, Kentucky; ID: I18113 Jack Shears ; Marlene Corwin, Atascadero, California; Velma Swearingen, Mo
desto, California; Mikye Barr, Oroville, California; 1820 Smith County, Te
nnessee census; LDS Ancestral File #: P0K1-TW The Church of Jesus Chri st of
Latter-day Saints, (c) 1987, June 1998, data as of 5 January 1998
 Note: Relocated to North Carolina before 1760.
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Notes for Soloman ADAMS

Sources: LDS Ancestral File #: BWJF-TX; Jack Shears 

Note: there is a difference in birth dates from some LDS material. The L DS
data states from 1740-1742, however, all other data matches. The dat es are
obviously wrong in the LDS data as this would put Henry (b. 1663) h aving a
Soloman at nearly 100 years of age. See also Scrantons on rootsw eb
worldconnect Tmack . The dates I received from J. R. Frye
in 1984 corresponde to the data on hand versus the LDS age gap. J CT 5/18/01;
Shannon  My Family on worldconnect has t he right birth
and death information; World Family Tree Vol. 10, Ed. 1, Br øderbund Software,
Inc., May 6, 1997, Family Archive CD, Tree #3477; Lin da June Moss -
Genealogist/Co-Author of Turning the Leaves of the Downi ng Family; A
Genealogical History of Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., a nd his Descendants
Also John Adams of Cambridge, Mass., 1632-1897 by Andr ew N. Adams; The
Ancient Clan Munro of Foulis, by Malcolm Monroe, 1950
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Notes for Soloman ADAMS

1850 Macon County, Tennesse Census
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Notes for Thomas ADAMS

Sources: Jan Van Doren  Communication re Adams from J ohn
L. Edwards, 3003 Marlin Dr,Riva MD 21140 [], 199 8.
(See also "TempFamAdams" file in the Reunion 5 folder), electronic cop y. New
England Historical and Genealogical Society, Boston, MA, New Engla nd
Historical and Genealogical Register vols. 1-148 on compact discs in DM VD
library. "A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachus etts"
by Andrew N. Adams, 1898
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Notes for William H. H. ADAMS

Co F, 33 Tennessee Infantry and Co. H, 2 (Robinsons) Tennessee Infantry, Walker
Legion. Private to 1LT 

NOTES: Lieutenant in the Confederate Army. Prisoner at Johnson's Island. Made
the Oklahoma land run on April 22, 1889. Surveyed Stillwater Townsite.
Homesteaded 160 acres of government land. Adams farm (pecans) south side of
12th and Adams Street, Stillwater OK.
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